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Is it really that easy to spot a foreigner?

Hmmm…. sorry?? What a heck is this title all about? Could you be more specific, please ??? Just give me a second to explain. Don’t be hot-headed. This post is all about foreigners and their writing abilities in a foreign language. Have you ever been curious whether a foreigner can write as good in a particular language as a native? Or it just doesn’t cross your mind, doestn’t bother you, doesn’t disturb your peace of mind. Just an insignificant fact as many others. Maybe it is only an obsession of someone who loves writing, craves to do it better and better with each sentence that comes to mind, who pays attention to every word.

So how actually natives spot a foreigner as to language?

Sure sentence structure and vocabulary may rat somebody out. But is that all? Is it just that easy? And what about those who over the centuries have been trying to master writing skills? Some definitely were successful. Let’s just name Jospeh Conrad (Józef Conrad Korzeniowski). a writer of the Polish descent, who wrote many books in English. They were indeed good ones (we may even find some on the list of books one must read…. before die). But maybe it is a proof that only the chosen ones have a chance to stand out of the crowd and the others, the men in the street, can’t do this. it is just beyond their skills, capacity. And still a question, like a magnet, arises, more profound with increasingly distinctive sound. Can only native write perfectly in a language? Is he better because he uderstands the soul of a language, its every nerve, every slight change of character. Maybe he is better because of those smooth, well-shaped words and phrases he uses; polished up to perfection.  He is so careful, so focused not to commit any crime on a language, not to butcher the words with his sharp dagger…. With the sole goal to leave paper stainless, spotless, not to disturb its existing harmony. Maybe….. But than, can we call every foreigner a killer openly, Only because we think he is to blame for every false step. We follow him with our accusatory look, because as it seems he destroys this perfect surface of a language sea by a heavy, missed stones-words forming circles that grow bigger and bigger. Finally, is there a way to break the vicious circle? Are there any methods to improve writing skills so they seem more natural or simply hide in the crowd. Escaping the black look of a bloodthirsty native.


2 myśli na temat “Is it really that easy to spot a foreigner?

  1. In my opinion, it’s using words in a wrong context. My colleague from work is a Slovakian who can speak Polish. He said a funny sentence about another colleague who quit work „Veronika poszła precz”. Although it’s grammatically correct, it’s not right in that situation.


    1. Yes, I guess you’re right. Although, I believe it’s also a case of grammar (for example, distinctive sentence structure that comes from using your own mother tongue pattern).



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